Participatieve Democratie


I want people to be at the heart of the democratic system, by promoting access to information for all citizens of Etterbeek.


In many elections, we vote for representatives to participate in the management of our municipality.


How can the citizen of Etterbeek find out what is being said during municipal meetings ?


You will tell me that documents are available and that the meetings of the city council are public. Every citizen has the right to attend, but not to participate, except in case of interpellation. Some issues are covered by law and take place behind closed doors.


This is not helping the participative democracy, for various reasons.


First of all we are all very occupied and it is not easy to take part in council meetings all the time. And more, the available documents do not allow citizens to feel the atmosphere of the meetings.


The relationship between citizens and politicians needs to be strengthen. Therefore, I want to promote the disclose of the content of the meetings of the city council through the internet. So that every civilian can follow the agenda topics, live and feel the prevailing atmosphere. He will understand the attitude and position participants take during the meetings of the city council.


It is time to give citizens more voice in the political process.