Genocide & Negationism



Every year I actively participate in the memorial of the Armenian genocide.


I have always taken action against negationism, xenophobia and the denial by others.


Denying genocide is unacceptable, whether it is the Armenian genocide, the Assyro-Chaldean genocide (Seyfo) or the genocide of the Pontic Greeks.


I want to stand for and promote solidarity between the victims and fight against its

negation of history.


I want recognition of all genocides in our history and for the approval of a law condemning their denials.


Once I am elected, I intend to organize information days in Etterbeek about the genocides of 1915. I would like to make exhibitions to make the people of Etterbeek aware of this theme.


Help to preserve the people of Etterbeek regarding the Armenian genocide, the genocide of Assyro-Chaldeans (Seyfo) and the genocide of the Pontic Greeks.