Bullying at school



I also want to develop programs and awareness raising campaigns actions against bullying at school.


When I was in elementary primary school, I had to cope with violence caused by a group of five students who tried to impose their will on me. My parents have always told me to be brave and to stand up for myself in unfair situations, so I defended myself when they tried to attack me.     


They were furious about my reaction and complained to their parents pretending to be victims instead of perpetrators.


Their parents complained to the principal, who then went to talk with my parents. They were told that I had hit a gang of 5 boys and that, if my behavior did not change.


At that moment we didn't hold a valid residence permit in Belgium and our future depended on our  education. The essential precondition to live in Belgium was the fact that the children were educated in Belgium. Being expelled from school was then synonymous of a potential exile.


To prevent this I had to let myself be abused at school, I was not allowed to respond, knowing that they were the bullies. During the breaktime my only option was to find a corner, to hold myself against the wall and thus to receive the least possible beatings. This situation lasted for a few years and caused a dislocation of my upper jaw!


I know that my story is not an isolated case and that many students are the victims of bullying.


That is the reason why I want to develop a program to prevent this. For example, we can adjust a proportion between the number of supervisors and the number of students during breaktime. We can even install cameras at strategic points.