The cdH is the Humanist Democratic Center.



The Humanist Democratic Center (cdH), represents values and norms in harmony with my ideas.


The cdH is not afraid of complexity. And that’s why we are a center party at the political level.


Our party considers human development very important. Every life counts for us, with respect for nature. I am convinced that people can live in perfect harmony with nature. We support everyone's participation in society, we have an inclusive approach.


I have thought very well about the deniers of the genocide. For me it means that you are either a humanist or a negationist.


From my point of view is a negationist waste of humanity.


This is why I run for the municipal elections of 14 October 2018.


I have faith in your support.


I invite you to visit the website of the Alternative cdH in Etterbeek, you will find our projects by neighborhood and by priority: