I warmly welcome you all,



My name is Narek Aghasaryan and I am 30 years old.


I can not rely on privileges, but I am a candidate from a social organization and I hope that I will get your support to lead our struggle!


I have developed this website to share life moments with you, who I have been, who I am and who I want to become.


I was raised in a family of four and when I was 8 years old we emigrated to Belgium, and lived in Etterbeek.


Since then I am a Belgian citizen with Armenian roots.


Computer Science/ Information Technology (IT), Political Science and Management aroused my interest very early.


I am fascinated by Information Technology, it’s my goal to create a structure together with others in which malicious practices are denounced that violate our fundamental rights. The information about this is often little or not accessible.



I wanted to create and manage a company, therefore I was interested in management. My first university degree is in Economics and Business Management. Short after that, I became the manager of a company specialized in Industrial Engineering, and soon after my incorporation the company’s sales doubled.


And last but not least, the Political Sciences: I was very active against the denial of the genocide, more specifically the Armenian genocide, Assyro-Chaldean genocide (Sayfo) and the genocide of the Pontic Greeks. I believe that protesting has limited results and that engaging in politics was the best way.


In 2018 I obtained a second university degree in Political Science at the University of Saint-Louis.


Today I want to dedicate myself to our community and ask you to support my candidacy for the municipal elections of 14 October 2018.


Issues that I value very much are the denial of genocide, bullying at school, housing, sports, education, integration, parking, parking meters, healthcare, commune working hours, tourism, cleanliness, but also the treatment of complaints and participation in the democracy.


I will always listen and carry your ideas and demands, so we can continue our community together.


Etterbeek must take into account our wishes!


If you want to get to know me better you can visit my website, but it is even better to meet each other. I would really enjoy it.